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Are you fed up with apps crashing on your device ? With having certificates constantly revoked by Apple ? This has become more of a common problem ever since jailbreaking slowed right down. With the distinct lack of utilities out there right now, more and more users have turned to app installers and apps that are independent of the iOS app store, all offering a small amount of Cydia [ext link] content. But, welcome though these were, many users are finding that Apple is regularly revoking the certificates, leading to the app having to be reinstalled every 7 days or so.

Image : NessTool Not Working Problem Fix

 The good news is, help is at hand in the form of a new app called NessTool. NessTool applies a VPN to your device, blocking all attempts by Apple to revoke certificates for running apps. You do not need to jailbreak to install NessTool but you do need to be aware that it will only work on apps already installed on your iPhone or iPad , anything installed after NessTool will not be covered. Check out the links below for more details about NessTool and a full download guide :

NessTool Errors :

To be fair, there are few users reporting problems with NessTool and, of those that are, there is only one main issue that is raising its head. It is an ssl error and, when you tap on the Download button, you may see an error message that reads, “cannot connect to ssl.nesstool.api”. No need to panic because this is easy to solve. Here’s how:

Method 1 :

  1. Close down Safari fully on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Use the app switcher to close all open apps
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes and then try installing NessTool again

Method 2 :

If that doesn’t work, try this:

  1. Close Safari and all your open apps as above
  2. Power your device off completely and leave it for a few minutes 
  3. Turn it back on and try reinstalling NessTool

Sometimes, the best way to solve the problem if nothing else works is to delete NessTool from your iPhone or iPad and then install it again.

What do you think about NessTool ? It should stop all the problems with independent apps because Apple will not be able to verify and revoke the app certificates. Download it and let us know if it worked for you. For more details and updates, you can follow us on Facebook.



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  1. I have downloaded Nesstool and works perfect most of the times. However, a couple of times has stopped working, the vpn option in my iPhone is turned off and my apps get revoked. Then I open Nesstool again (I don’t have to redownload it) and turn it on, it works fine but it’s too late since none of my apps is working.

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