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Jailbreaks are a bit thin on the ground right now, but we are not without a way to download some Cydia tweaks. Plenty of app installers have been released to bring us a selection of tweaks, lots of paid apps for free and some of the top modified apps too and, although they can’t replace Cydia [ext link], they do offer enough to keep us going. As we head towards WWDC 2018, iOS 11 looks likely to end the same way as iOS 10, bereft of jailbreaks and with no clue as to when, or even if there will be another one.

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One of the biggest problems with the app installers is that, because they are not official apps and, as a result, because Apple revokes unofficial app certificates regularly, they will all crash and stop working inside of a few days. Installing NessTool is the only way to save yourself from having to reactivate your chosen installer and apps on your iPad every few days. NessTool installs, after permission from you, a VPN on your iPad that then blocks Apple from verifying the certificates , this means they can’t revoke them. For more information about how NessTool works, read below and keep reading to find out how to download it.

How to Download NessTool on iPad :

It isn’t hard to download NessTool on your iPad; the only thing you can’t do is download it via the iOS app store. Instead, you download it straight to your iPad and all you need is Safari browser and a decent internet connection.

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPad
  2. Go to 
  3. When the website has loaded up, look at the top right corner of the screen for an UP arrow , tap on this 
  4. A new screen will load with some options on the bottom, tap Add to Home Screen . 
  5. Type NessTool into the box provided to give the icon a name. Tap on Add and close Safari 
  6. On your iPad home screen, you will see the new NessTool icon 

Video: Watch to see how to download NessTool on your iPad

NessTool is an absolute necessity for those of you that intend to use the third-party app installers or any of the many modified apps now available without Cydia. As it only works on apps installed on your iPad at the time NessTool is installed, make sure you download everything you need before installing it. Check out the posts below for more useful information about NessTool.

Do tell us what you think of NessTool; has it made life easier for you? For more jailbreak news, follow us on Facebook.

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