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Downloading jailbreaks has been a favorite pastime of many iOS users for years and now, with so few available, we have turned to other sources, app installers that are independent of the official app store and ++apps, modified versions of stock apps with more features. All of these must be installed by way of Cydia Impactor, a tool that sideloads the app, digitally signing it at the same time. Even the latest jailbreaks must be downloaded in this way and there is one issue that anyone who uses them has come across , Apple revokes the certificates on a regular basis, every 7 days or so. That leads to no small amount of frustration as users are continually having to reinstall those apps and jailbreaks.

Image : Delete NessTool

There is a way to stop it; it’s called Nesstool and it works by blocking the verification of these apps by Apple, leaving you to use them unimpeded forever more. Check out our linked posts below to find out more information about Nesstool and how to download it :

How to Delete Nesstool :

Of those who have already downloaded and are using Nesstool right now, most are very happy with it. However, like every app, some users have struggled with it, finding it won’t work and some just don’t want it on their devices. For the most case, where an app throws up errors, very often the simplest way to solve them is to delete the app and then reinstall it again. Deleting it is easy .

  1. Locate the app icon for Nesstool on your home screen 
  2. Long-press on it until it goes into wiggle mode
  3. Look for the cross at the top corner of the icon and tap it
  4. On the confirmation window that pops up, tap in Delete to confirm your intention 
  5. Nesstool will now be permanently deleted from your iPhone or iPad

Video : Above steps explained

Now, when you are ready, you can simply follow the instructions in the post linked above to reinstall Nesstool on your device.

Not everyone will be happy with Nesstool but it really is a very simple tool to download and use. It works away in the background of your device and doesn’t interfere with anything. It also uses little into the way of resources so you won’t need to worry about running out of memory.

Tell us if these steps helped you to delete Nesstool and why you had to. For more updates, you can follow us on Facebook.




  1. I don’t want to delete Nesstool . All I want to know is since it is work as a vpn, and I have another vpn app (avast vpn app) if I use that as well wont it interfere with my avast app? Or nothing?

    Can we use Nesstool as vpn for all the apps and browsers? Or No?

    That’s all thanks if you can elaborate it much better. Thanks

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