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In recent times, with the lack of jailbreaks, more app installers have been released, along with a number of modified ++ apps, all providing us with something that we used to get from Cydia. Android users can’t install Cydia but they can make use of the app installers and modified apps, giving them a taste of what the jailbreak community has enjoyed for so long.

Image : NesssTool APK

There is one problem though; Apple regularly verifies app certificates and revokes those for apps that don’t come from the iOS app store and this is what is happening with the tweaked apps. Every 7 days or so, users are having to reactivate their apps so they can continue using them but now we don’t need to do that. NessTool has been released to block the verification and subsequent revocation of these certificates and that leaves you to continue using them without any interruption and without any loss of data.

How to Download and Install NessTool APK :

Downloading the NessTool APK isn’t quite as simple as downloading an ordinary app. The steps are a little more complex because the package file must be downloaded to your computer and then emailed to yourself before you can install it on your device. The following steps must be followed very carefully otherwise NessTool can’t be installed on your Android device:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your tablet or smartphone 
  2. Open Security and enable Unknown Source Options , not following this step will result in NessTool not being installed on your device so don’t skip it 
  3. Now download the NessTool APK [ File ] onto your computer
  4. This will be a zipped file so extract the contents and send the APK by email to yourself
  5. On your Android device, open the email and download the file
  6. Find the file on your device, tap on it and wait for it to be installed 

Although the steps look a bit fiddly, it really is quite straightforward if you follow them exactly as written. It should take just a few minutes from start to finish, depending, of course, on your internet.

Do let us know if NessTool works for you and how you get on with it. If you need to delete NessTool for any reason, just do it how you would any of the Android apps on your device. We are always on the lookout for iOS apps that can be used on Android so follow us on Facebook to be kept notified of any that we find.

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      1. “there was a problem parsing the package”….that’s what everyone gets when downloading the .apk file you posted

  1. Still saying there was a problem parsing the package.

    thats for Nesstool, anti revoke and tweakbox on android.

    how can i fix this ?

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